Get on board the 'Trenino dei Castelli' for a train ride back in time

A railway journey of discovery to the castles of Trentino, with a couple of tasty stops along the way

Trentino is not just the land of majestic mountains and romantic Alpine lakes: perched atop its rocky crags and nestled among its gentle hills are dozens and dozens of castles, which have kept watch over its valleys and ancient roads for many centuries. Each of these has its own story to tell, shrouded in an aura of myth and legends. Wouldn’t you like to see them for yourself?

One of the most unique ways to visit some of Trentino’s finest castles is to climb aboard the Trenino dei Castelli. This special little train departs from Trento on certain dates during summer, taking you through Val di Sole and Val di Non to visit four different castles. The tour lasts a full day, and will include stops along the way to offer you delicious refreshments starring local produce.

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For now, we’d like to give you a small taste of the historic estates you will explore on board the Trenino dei Castelli.

Trenino dei Castelli, a train ride through history

The Castles of Val di Sole

The first stops are both in Val di Sole: specifically, at San Michele Castle and Caldes Castle. San Michele Castle is famous for its keep, which is a full 25 metres in height, looming high over the solid defensive walls. The castle is named after the chapel located inside, which is dedicated to the saint of the same name.

Staying in Val di Sole, we have another of Trentino’s most important castles to discover: Caldes Castle. Legend has it that this Gothic-style castle was used to imprison the noblewoman Olinda, for the crime of falling in love with a court minstrel. Today, the castle hosts cultural events, exhibitions, performances, concerts, guided tours and workshops for families.

Art and Culture in Trentino - Val di Non | © Castel-Valer-Apt-Val-di-Non

The Castles of Val di Non

Leaving the mountains of Val di Sole behind, the little train’s next stop is in Val di Non, where you can visit two particularly famous Trentino castles. We’re talking about Valer Castle and Thun Castle. Valer Castle overlooks the village of Tassullo, and makes an immediate impression on visitors thanks to its fully furnished halls: furniture, works of art, and many other artefacts including household items, weapons, documents, carpets and tapestries. Be sure not to miss the wonderful frescoes by the Baschenis family of painters in the San Valerio chapel.

Finally, the last site you will visit is Thun Castle, one of the most beautiful (and most commonly visited) castles in Trentino. Surrounded by orchards, this castle is instantly striking thanks to its elegant structure. It is no less impressive on the inside, with its perfectly preserved furniture: the stunning Bishop’s Room is a particular highlight, with its rich furnishings and pine-wood panelling. And that’s not to mention the collections of art, period furniture, weapons, porcelain ware and carriages, all of which help to recreate a sense of the comfortable lifestyle led by the rural nobility in centuries past.

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Published on 06/06/2023