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Fairy tale nights at Castel Pergine

Ever wondered what it would be like to spend a night in a castle? Imagine lying on a four-poster bed, as you close your eyes, images of the past start running around the room and echoes resonate through the walls. The dream of a night in an old castle is not too far, it’s only 20 minutes away from Trento.

On the road from Trento to Venice, the old fortress of Castel Pergine commands over the Valsugana valley atop the verdant Tagazzo hill. A place at the centre of historical battles, the castle is today an unfussy elegant hotel with a renowned restaurant and a favourite venue amongst lovers of all arts and music, thanks to the many events hosted within its imposing walls. 


Fairy tale nights at Castel Pergine

Castel Pergine holds approximately 20 guest rooms plus 3 towers, also available for accommodation. The rooms are located in the Ala Clesiana, a wing built during the XVI century, extending alongside the original keep. The rooms at ground level and those on the first floor afford beautiful views of Pergine’s plateau and above it, across the towering peaks of the Brenta Dolomites.

The Renaissance Black Hall has been converted into a fine restaurant (open from end of March to beginning of November) offering up-lighted traditional dishes from both Trentino’s and Italian cuisine. If you are looking for something particularly romantic, during the warmer months you can reserve an exclusive table in the internal courtyard for a unique candlelit dinner.   

From April to November the castle and its gardens come to life with many events such as theatre plays, concerts and contemporary art exhibitions.

Fairy tale nights at Castel Pergine

The fortress encompasses two main structures: the mediaeval battlement, with its barbican and towers, and the inner Renaissance buildings, allocated to residence.

The ground floor is largely occupied by the kitchens and gives access to the cellars and the gardens. On the first floor, we find the Throne Room – today, the hotel’s reception – and the splendid St Andrew’s Chapel. On the upper level, there are the Balcony Hall, the Bishop’s Hall, the Green Stove Hall, the Prince’s Hall and the White Dame’s Hall, all dedicated to art & local culture exhibitions.

Within the pleasant gardens and the mighty towers, the castle keeps its secrets, mysterious tales from the past to recall perhaps at night time while a flaming candle casts strange shadows on the walls.

Fairy tale nights at Castel Pergine

There are many accounts of ghost sightings in the Camera del Camino, The Fireplace Hall. 

The legend tells of a mysterious white dame with long golden hair wandering around the castle. Some believe she is an old landlord’s wife who took her life falling from a window, some even say that it was indeed the cruel enraged husband who pushed her off to her death.  The mystery will keep you looking behind with bated breath.

Book a room at the castle, pretend to be a lord or a dame for a day as you gaze over the valley from the top of the hill and, who knows, after a delicious romantic dinner on a full-moon night, the prospect of a white veil disappearing behind the corner into the darkness may not seem so unlikely.

Are you ready to step back in history?

Are you ready to step back in history?

Published on 19/10/2021