Spend a night right out of a fairy tale at Castel Pergine

A portal between the past and the present in the heart of Valsugana

Castel Pergine is still standing after eight centuries, tall and proud, a striking beauty when it is lit up at night, watching over Pergine in Valsugana.

You can get there on foot by following a path that winds through the woods and starts from the centre of town. You can also drive there in just a few minutes, and then continue for a short distance on foot crossing the first gate of the surrounding walls that protect the garden, the rooms, towers and halls of the ancient mansion which, according to legend, was the residence of a terrible tyrant.

You can now spend the night at Castel Pergine and dine in the historic rooms of the Baronial Palace or in the characteristic setting of an ancient rural building for an extraordinarily charming holiday, all while enjoying events, shows and exhibits.

Romantic weekend: spend the night in a castle

Sweet dreams

You can choose to sleep in the ancient Ala Clesiana rooms or in the modern, recently renovated ground floor rooms or in a Tower.

Bernardo Clesio was the illustrious prince-bishop who changed the city of Trento's image in the 1500s and took possession of the castle in 1531. Castel Pergine remained in the hands of the prince-bishops for centuries, until it was purchased by the Swiss Oss family, originally from Pergine, and then in 2018 by the CastelPergine Onlus Foundation, becoming the first collective historical asset in Italy.

You will find every modern comfort as well as silence, nature, calm lights and ancient rocks. But the shadows are what invite you to hold each other closer and the sounds of the wind that make you speak more softly, as you stroll around the walls, going up and down the grass covered or armour stone steps.

From April to October the castle and its gardens come to life with many events such as theatre plays, concerts and contemporary art exhibitions.

Romantic weekend: spend the night in a castle

An awakening

Lunches, happy hours, and dinners, served in the Sala del Trono, the Sala dei Falchi, or the Sala del Giudice where the walls are exactly as you would expect them to be, so thick that the arrowslits act as spotlights.

You’ll glide across wood so smooth it will feel like you are flying and walk through unusually shaped rooms. You can also go to the new inn, Ca’ Stalla, which has an outdoor patio in the gardens.

Here, the traditional cuisine uses organic, seasonal and local farm-to-table ingredients in line with slow food well-being and health guidelines.

Within the pleasant gardens and the mighty towers, the castle keeps its secrets, mysterious tales from the past to recall perhaps at night time while a flaming candle casts strange shadows on the walls.

Romantic weekend: spend the night in a castle

Moon song

When the full moon is out, you can hear distant singing in the castle. It is the song of an enchanting creature with hair like honey and milky white skin. She wears a long white dress and floats from room to room and looks out of the highest window in the castle. No one remembers the White Lady’s name. She was the bride of a brutal tyrant who locked her away.

The woman loved art, beauty and humanity, but was doomed to live her life from behind a window. In order to escape her fate, one night, when the full moon was full, she jumped from the window of the room she loved most.

The White Lady returns with the full moon to celebrate the strength freedom gives your soul. Don’t be afraid if you meet her. She is a peaceful spirit.

Are you ready to step back in history?

Are you ready to step back in history?

Published on 06/06/2023