On lakes and rivers in search of emotions

From windsurfing to kayaking: 5 water sports to practice in spring

In Trentino, water always changes shape, season after season. In winter, it is ice on the walls and snow on the mountains, while in spring it descends rapidly along the streams and forms waves on Lake Garda, under the gusts of the Ora, the wind most loved by surfers.

In this multifarious scenery, water is the stage to practice sports on, all year round. Starting in spring, you can try a variety of different sports: from windsurfing to rafting, from sailing to canoeing.

Here are a few tips on where you can practice these sports and how to best experience them.



Lake Garda doesn’t need an introduction. It’s beautiful when viewed from the shoreline but truly amazing if enjoyed on board a windsurf, catching the Ora, the typical wind of the Garda, in your sail. This body of water offers a good range of services to sportspeople, including windsurfing schools and hire.



Hop on an inflatable raft and take on the turbulent rapids of the Noce river, in Val di Sole, considered the best watercourse in Europe for freshwater sports.
In the midst of roaring waters and jarring rocks, the entire crew has to work together to overcome a common adversary: the river.



Leave the humdrum of the city behind and, at an easy pace, let yourself be gently rocked by the wind: it’s time to take a sailing trip on the fantastic lakes of Trentino. The most famous lake for sailing is, without doubt, Lake Garda and the Ora wind, typical to this area and very much appreciated by sailing enthusiasts.



If you’d like to explore the hidden shorelines of Trentino’s lakes, then you have no other choice than to pick up a paddle and hop into a canoe. The spring breeze and the calm waters of the lake, typical on sunny days, are perfect for enjoying this activity and soaking up the beauty of the surrounding mountains.


Wing Foil

Ever heard of Wing Foil? It’s a sport that combines elements of SUP, kitesurfing and windsurfing… and allows you to literally fly across the surface of the water. This is achieved through the inflatable wing that you grip with handles, and the “foil” – a special fin that allows the board to “fly” across the water. Come and give it a try... we look forward to seeing you at Lake Garda!

Published on 15/01/2024