Val di Non Apple DOP

Tasty, juicy, healthy and nutritious apples from Val di Non are the symbol of this land. The climate, exposure of the terrain and the soil are elements that have a positive influence on the taste of this fruit, characterised by its crispness and fragrance. Of particular note is the brightness of these valleys. With more than two thousand hours of sunshine a year, it offers the perfect ripening conditions for the apples, giving them an range of wonderful flavours. There are five varieties of apple cultivated: during September and October fresh Gala apples are harvested, followed by another three D.O.P. varieties, Renetta Canada which is rich in antioxidants, the beautiful and the unmistakable Red Delicious and the very crunchy Golden Delicious, ending when the highest surrounding mountain peaks are covered by the first snow, with the sweet Fuji. The apple is a good for your health; it contains several antioxidants that prevent the action of free radicals, as well as many vitamins. Apple is an essential component of the local gastronomic tradition. Apples are used to in a variety of tasty dishes and sweets of which the best known is certainly strudel.

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