Pejo’s caseificio turnario

Pejo’s caseificio turnario #1
Pejo’s caseificio turnario #1

Pejo is home to the last caseificio turnario (a shared ownership artisan dairy) in operation in Trentino. If visiting the dairy in the morning you can witness the cheese making, which has always been the same since 1935. It is an experience that explains the differences between what is produced industrially and what we make, as in the past, slowly and carefully, using hands and knowledge passed down from ancient traditions.

Every day, the dairyman works the cow and goat milk delivered by the valley's farmers. The caserada, i.e. the daily cheese production, is owned by one of the members of the dairy, in turn. The number of caserade is proportional to the amount of milk brought to the dairy.

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