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This is Trento's largest and most important sports centre.


Designed primarily for handball - you can see Italy's current champion team ITAS DIATEC play its games here - it is also used for five-a-side soccer and basket ball matches, and it also houses concerts. Officially opened in 2000, the building is located within the Ghiaie sports district. During training sessions, the large main hall hosts up to three volleyball games simultaneously. The grandstands take up the long sides of the game-field and usually host 3,659 people, although a special system that makes the stands expand at ground level, brings the number to 4,200. The facility also includes a hall for artistic gymnastics, another for fencing, a weights room, a snack bar, a first-aid room and a press room. The 16 changing rooms feature up to 74 showers and 42 toilets, and the building has an efficient air-conditioning system. During matches, the press gallery is located along the court's short sides, where journalists have access to 6 telephone lines - two of which are ISDN - and to a wireless area.