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Arco Park Garda Trentino

Arco Park Garda Trentino

Tours through woods and on the banks of the lake to be enjoyed on your own or with expert guides. The Arco Park Garda Trentino allows visitors to enjoy more than 100 km of trails. Featuring different difficulty levels, they are so spread out that they cover an overall difference in height of 2,648 m, and provide hikes both at an altitude and along the banks of Lake Garda. Its 13 different routes are colour-coded according to their length, altitude and difficulty level - beginner, medium or expert - and are sign-posted. Panels have been provided with a general map of the area, including the Nordic Walking Park, as well as with a few suggestions to introduce visitors to the sport. They are located at the three starting-points: at the bottom of the valley near Prabi, in the mountain area near Zanga mountain-hut on Monte Velo, and near the San Giovanni mountain-hut in San Giovanni al Monte.