Zeni Distillatori

Zeni Distillatori  #1
Zeni Distillatori #1

Located in the mansion north of the winery, the distillery was established in 1976 with the aim of putting its own grape pomaces to good use, namely for the creation of pleasant and rounded, fragrant and aromatic marcs. The distillery is equipped with a typically Trentino batch distillation system known as "Tullio Zadra" consisting of two bain-marie alembics.
The elements required to obtain excellent marcs from grape pomace are two: non-pressed grape pomace and fresh grape pomace coming straight from the completed sugar fermentation process. The distillation process starts in mid September, at the end of the harvest of the early grapes, and then stepped according to the harvest of red fruit grapes all the way to the late harvests in November. The alembics work sometimes connected with the winery that day after day turns the grapes into wine and then hands over the pomaces to the stills so that the fragrant spirit can be extracted from them.
The single-variety marcs obtained from this process rest for at least 12 months in steel vats. A special treatment is reserved for the Pini that is aged for ten long years in precious wood casks.


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38010 San Michele all'Adige , Italy

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