Trattoria Vecchia Sorni

At Trattoria Vecchia Sorni we offer a nature-conscious kitchen that satisfies the requirements of a light and correct diet and is rooted in the region's culinary tradition.

Trattoria Vecchia Sorni #1
Trattoria Vecchia Sorni #1

The restaurant...
Rustic and sophisticated, with the possibility to dine on the terrace, enjoying a splendid view of Val d'Adige.
Focusing on organic products, the dishes are prepared with care, in line with tradition and seeking combinations for an innovative and delicate cuisine.
The menu changes every day and you can taste different local wines to go with it.

Contact & Directions

Trattoria Vecchia Sorni
Piazza Assunta, 40
38015 Sorni di Lavis

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