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Sport Hotel Panorama #1
Sport Hotel Panorama #1

Since 1887, this long line of restaurateurs has always placed a premium on its cooking.
The hotel's buffet breakfast features fresh breads, croissants, a yoghurt corner, and a ham, salamis and cold cuts corner, in addition to an unforgettable array of sweets and homemade cakes by the pastry chef, and a tisane and self-service juice counter. Do not miss out on the homemade jams that Mrs Rita makes using organic fruit. Guests can also find fresh, raw milk from the nearby cattle shed in the morning as well as fresh, old-fashioned butter. At lunchtime, a vital buffet is served for those who have worked up a bit of an appetite. Serving hours are flexible and it offers a choice between two first courses, freshly sliced meat or large fish portions served by the cooks, in addition to warm side dishes, a vegetable buffet and a dessert buffet.
The restaurant's elegant menus always feature both traditional dishes and international delights as well as local specialties. In fact, the Hotel's kitchen is a member of Osteria Tipica Trentina, which guarantees top quality dishes as well as the use of traditional products to make them. In the evening, dinner is enjoyed on candlelit tables. Guests can help themselves at the large vegetable buffet, with its more than twenty different dishes. Furthermore, they also have a choice of one of three menus, one of which is also known as the low-cal wellness menu and is often vegetarian.
In addition, the restaurant's sommelier is available to help guests select the wines most suitable in accordance with the principles of either affinity or contrasting tastes.
Once a week, guests are treated to dishes from a traditional Trentino menu. A gourmet dinner with musical accompaniment is also served on Fridays, with entrees being served in the garden. Elegance is particularly welcome on this occasion.

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via Carletti, 6
38010 Fai della Paganella , Italy

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Temp. Min. (C): 8°
Apr 16
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Apr 17
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