Ristorante Prime Rose

Surrounded by age-old plants, the restaurant overlooks Lake Levico

Ristorante Prime Rose  #1
Ristorante Prime Rose #1

The restaurant ...
Prime Rose was inaugurated in July of 1988, five years after the chalet was refurbished.
The old building dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when it was used as a summer dancehall by the aristocracy, who once came to Levico for its thermal cures, as well as for fashionable meetings with various city bands from around Trentino. Located inside a centuries-old park (Park Belvedere) at the foot of S. Biagio, the restaurant enjoys an excellent view over Lake Levico. When its owners arrived here in 1988, they exerted all their efforts to promote its landscape, building structures to ensure that guests could enjoy their parties, regardless of the weather. All the furnishings inside the chalet are in the liberty style (selected by an architect).
Ristorante Prime Rose is harmoniously located inside Park Belvedere and offers guests the charm of a beautiful view over Lake Levico with the comfort of select furnishings.
Romantic evenings, wedding parties and work dos can all be held here, in this natural and enchanting setting.
However, its pleasant landscape is only the setting for the gastronomic delights prepared by its chef and owner, Alberto, with the support of Chef Walter.
The restaurateur...
The chef and owner, Alberto, draws his inspiration from Emilia-Romagna - where he was born - and has been able to create a special, and indubitably successful, relationship with Trentino's own traditional products. His secret lies in the quality and authenticity of the products he uses to prepare his dishes with great skill and imagination. Furthermore, young Chef Walter is adept at balancing everything and inventing a variety of different, imaginative dishes that are always guaranteed to be a success.



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