Ristorante Old Bar

Above all, Old bar & food is a lively, dynamic concept

Ristorante Old Bar  #1
Ristorante Old Bar #1

This large restaurant has been elegantly furnished, down to the smallest detailed, and has an original, modern and welcoming style. Furthermore, it boasts a professional, yet friendly serving staff.
Its large space was conceived and constructed to offer two different experiences: a bar/bistro and a restaurant, where you can sit and savour its atmosphere, quality and hospitality.
Above all, Old bar & food is a lively, dynamic concept as well as a place where food and wine, tastings, a professional approach and good taste all become one.
Everything we saw and learned over the years while managing the "old" Old, was implemented in this "new" restaurant.
Marilena and Giuliano are waiting for you at their lively, convivial restaurant to help you delight in all of the ingredients that make good taste special ... and good taste is ageless.

Contact & Directions

via Roggia Grande, 4
38100 Trento , Italy

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