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Ristorante Al Sole

What is a holiday without the pleasure of good food?

Ristorante Al Sole

If you really want to treat yourself and are open to savouring a few indulgences, Hotel Al Sole is the perfect place for you.
All of its dishes have been specially selected by Mrs Mariangela and range from traditional Trentino specialties to Italian delicacies. Above all however, it boasts elegant, delicious meals, made with quality seasonal products all year around.
When visiting the restaurant, do not forget to sample its desserts. They are the pride of the kitchen and the fruit of a skilful combination of tradition and creativity.
The restaurant's vegetable garden supplies the kitchen with fresh, natural vegetables, while the neighbouring dairy farm Fiavè (the largest in Trentino) supplies it with traditional cheeses from the area.
However, Hotel Al Sole's temptations do not end here. Mrs Mariagela's delicious jams are another of its specialties. All her passion goes into her marmalades, jams, preserves and fruit in alcohol. Guests can either taste them when she serves one of her unforgettable breakfasts, or take them home to savour.
In sum, the hotel's cuisine is of the highest level. Naturally, it is not just open to the hotel's guests, but to all those who want to take a break and enjoy an unforgettable meal.