Poli Francesco

Poli Francesco  #1
Poli Francesco #1

The Poli Francesco distillery is located in Santa Massenza, a small town that can be considered the capital of grappa and of the art of distillation. Indeed, this is where the first distillation licenses were assigned in the first half of 1800. The first Poli Francesco distillery starts with the common Quota Giornaliera (Daily Quota), a special license still in use in the Austro-Hungarian Empire that permitted country folk to distil their own marc.
The distillery was completely renovated in 1996 via the addition of two brand new bain-marie alembics. This is a very slow and costly process but the only one that allows to obtain very fine and elegant distillates featuring great smoothness and clean taste.

Contact & Directions

Via del Lago, 11
38070 Vezzano , Italy

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