Pezzi  #1
Pezzi #1

The Pezzi have been producing grappa for over 50 years, handing down from father to son their own traditional methods based on passion and on care: Passion for their land and for their work; Care in the selection of fresh grape pomaces, exclusively of Trentino origin, and in the delicate distillation phase by using craft-made copper alembics. This is the way they have obtained the exclusive product that has gained acclaim for their family among connoisseurs acclaimed. The distilling skills of the Pezzi enterprise has given rise to their single-variety grappas, their aromatized grappas obtained with the addition of freshly picked, fragrant mountain herbs and grasses, the Trentino grappa produced through the accurate selection of grape pomaces only from Trentino grape varieties, and their liqueurs. Another gem is the Passito distillate, an authentic speciality with a particularly amabile taste offering a balanced array of sensations, and last but not least the Riserva Oro grappa, aged in small casks made of precious wood types.




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Piazza Santa Barbara, 6
38010 Campodenno , Italy

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Jun 16
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