Pedrotti Spumanti

Since 1901, generation after generation of the Pedrotti family from Nomi have enthusiastically devoted their lives to producing wine

Pedrotti Spumanti #1
Pedrotti Spumanti #1

This historic brand in the Trentino wine industry appeared for the first time in the agricultural records under Emanuele Pedrotti, the company founder and great-grandfather of those running the company today. TRENTODOC, the Company's top of the range, comes to life and matures in the darkness and total silence of an enchanting ancient rocky cave.

Sparkling wine Trentodoc (Pedrotti Brut Bouquet, Pedrotti Brut Millesimato, Pedrotti Rosè, Pedrotti Demi-Sec, Pedrotti Riserva12, Pedrotti Riserva Speciale 1988)

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Via Roma, 2
38060 Nomi , Italy

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