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Maxentia is a small farm and distillery in S. Massenza. Its owner, Enzo Poli, is fourth generation and is pursuing the family's tradition of producing good wines and good grappas. Enzo and his family personally cultivate the grape varieties from which he produces excellent wine and then excellent grappas. All of his work is based on tradition and on the experience handed down through the previous generations of his family in the choice of raw materials which, together with the best vinification and distillation techniques, give rise to superior quality products.
The products, wines, grappas, grappa-based liqueurs and distillates produced by the business consist of the grappas Grappa di Nosiola (a native grape variety of the Valle dei Laghi), grappa-based liqueurs made from Dwarf Pine, Apple distillate; wines: Lagrein, Teroldego, Ramatico - copper-grey Pinot, Nosiola, Empassirosso - red passito, a special meditation wine obtained using the same procedure applied in making Vino Santo Trentino.