Le Ciaspole

Charming setting for this typical restaurant, taking its name from the characteristic rackets used to walk on the snow...  

Le Ciaspole #1
Le Ciaspole #1

On the road to Passo Palade, a few miles away from the town of Fondo, in Val di Non, is the hamlet of Tret, also famous for its small, high altitude lake.
The restaurant is in alpine style and its kitchen offers genuine and authentic dishes strictly in line with tradition ... we shall mention the golden potato bread with lard, the lasagnette made from Seio maize flour with little deer and the suckling pig. All menus rely on local products to ensure the dishes local character, freshness and tastiness.

Contact & Directions

Ristorante Le Ciaspole
Località Plazze, 6
38013 Fondo

Weather Val di Non

Max Temp. (C): 24°
Temp. Min. (C): 9°
Apr 15
Max Temp. (C): 20°
Temp. Min. (C): 8°
Apr 16
Max Temp. (C): 15°
Temp. Min. (C): 6°
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