La stube del cervo

A warm, welcoming atmosphere that envelops each guest as they step into the door

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La stube del cervo #1
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La stube del cervo #2
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La stube del cervo #3

The restaurant ...
Albergo Cervo is one of the oldest hotels in the Lavarone Plateau, as well as being one of the largest.
Stube del Cervo was the last restaurant to be established here in terms of time. It is a small treasure, furnished in the Alpine style, and is fully fitted with an elegant wine bar as well as a restaurant for a total of twenty-five guests at the most.
The restaurateur...
Albergo Cervo used to be a rest area as well as a place where travellers from the Padania-Veneto plains could change carriages on their way to Mitteleurope. The Marchesis have been hotel owners and restaurateurs for generations. They took over the restaurant and, driven by their enthusiasm for their land and its products, recently decided to expand their activities and establish Stube del Cervo. The restaurant soon became an Osteria Tipica Trentina member as well as the pride of the Plateau's restaurants.


Contact & Directions

piazza Milano, 2
38040 Lavarone , Italy

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