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S. Massenza is a beautiful town on the shores of a lake by the same name and close to the romantic Castel Toblino, located between Trento and Riva del Garda. There, where the vine and wine has always been the local vocation, Giovanni Poli has blended the ancient art of grappa making with modern distillation systems and methods to produce special and smooth grappas from Trentino single-varieties, fruit distillates, old reserve grappas and liqueurs made from ancient grappa-based home recipes, an incredible Gentian distillate, and the Vino Santo grappa aged in oak casks for 11 years, awarded in 2008 with the gold medal at the 3rd edition of the Acquaviti D'oro competition in Bolzano, and yet again in 2008 with the gold medal at the 26th Alambicco D'oro national grappa competition in Asti.
The farm, run by his son Graziano, produces the wines typical of the Valle dei Laghi: Nosiola, Cabernet, Schiava, Rebo, Fugge', as well as the majestic and multi-awarded Vino Santo Trentino, not to mention an extraordinary extra-virgin olive oil.
The distillery and winery is a milestone for Italian and German visitors who appreciate the excellent quality to price ratio of its products, to be bought in restaurants and in wine shops, or directly at the estate's small shop.


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Via del Lago, 3
38070 Vezzano , Italy

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