Conti Wallenburg

Conti Wallenburg #1
Conti Wallenburg #1

The Wallenburgs were counts at the Imperial Court in Vienna and their history is intertwined with that of Trentino. In the late eighties a winery was set up on the hillside just outside Trento to produce wines and TRENTODOC. Wines made from the grapes from Maso Wallenburg are available in the best restaurants in Italy and worldwide.

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Via Bassano, 3
38040 Trento , Italy

Weather Trento

Max Temp. (C): 13°
Temp. Min. (C): 1°
Apr 25
Max Temp. (C): 14°
Temp. Min. (C): 0°
Apr 26
Max Temp. (C): 14°
Temp. Min. (C): 2°
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