Holidaying Safely in Trentino: our ways of taking care of you

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Conte Ramponi

When places tell of history and traditions, everything becomes charged with fascinating atmospheres.

Conte Ramponi

The "Conte Ramponi" restaurant brushes up the magic of the past in its historic setting ... This restaurant in Malè is housed in an elegantly structured old home, with warm and inviting wood-walled rooms, artistically decorated. Out of the kitchen come the most traditional and finely revisited dishes, based on Trentino ingredients to ensure genuineness. Quite impossible to forget are the small canederli accompanied by Moena's Puzzone cheese, with a strong and at the same time delicate flavour. And you must try the house specialities: the "chef's croutons", the snails in green sauce with penny buns, the crespelle with radicchio, the pappardelle with hare, and the game. To happily round off the meal, dessert time... A wide choice, but absolutely not to be missed is the elderflower-flavoured sorbet, the nougat semifreddo, the vanilla and chocolate Bavarian cream. The wines on the table evoke the Trentino land and its traditions.