Cantine Ferrari

Over a century of the most successful Trentodoc bubbly ever

Cantine Ferrari #1 | © photo Cantine Ferrari Trento
Cantine Ferrari #1
Cantine Ferrari #2 | © photo Cantine Ferrari Trento
Cantine Ferrari #2
Cantine Ferrari #3 | © photo Cantine Ferrari
Cantine Ferrari #3
Cantine Ferrari #4 | © photo Cantine Ferrari
Cantine Ferrari #4

A passion for excellence, strong ties to the land of Trentino and an emphasis on innovation, while respecting tradition: even today, these are the core values of Cantine Ferrari, managed by the third generation of the Lunelli family.

Today, Ferrari is recognised around the globe as the Italian sparkling wine par excellence and an ambassador of that special Italian “Art of Living” beloved by all the world.

For this reason, choosing a visit to Cantine Ferrari means taking a “Path through Beauty and Excellence”, an exploration of art in every sense of the word: bubbles, frescoes, architecture and cuisine. The visit, which must be booked in advance and lasts around 45 minutes, is centred around a tour of the fascinating underground wine cellar, where millions of bottles lie in the silent darkness, waiting to reveal the magic of Trentodoc. At the end, this sparkling wine can be sampled in a guided tasting at the Ferrari Incontri hospitality area, where all the bottles produced by the Lunelli Group can be purchased.

The tour can be extended to include a visit to the nearby Villa Margon, nestled among the vineyards which are the soul of Ferrari. This magnificent sixteenth-century complex has been restored to its original splendour by the Lunelli family and today acts as the Group’s hospitality centre. The villa, adorned with frescoes both inside and outside, has been described as the most beautiful residence found outside city walls anywhere in the Alps.

For a beautiful, and delicious, end to the experience, we recommend a visit to the nearby Locanda Margon, Casa Ferrari's Michelin-starred restaurant, boasting a splendid natural terrace overlooking the city of Trento. Here, creativity and a deep understanding of the raw ingredients — with a predilection for local produce — allow Chef Edoardo Fumagalli to offer cuisine defined by “simple complexity”, which also provides an opportunity to experiment with innovative pairings with Trentodoc sparkling wine.


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Cantine Ferrari Via Ponte di Ravina, 15 - Trento, Italy
Tel. +39 0461 972416 / 972361

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Via del Ponte, 15
38040 Trento , Italy

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