Cantine Ferrari

When we talk about Ferrari, we are not talking about a winery, or a farming business, but one hundred years of History

Valle dell'Adige - Trento - Cantine Ferrari
Trento - Ravina - Locanda Margon - Chef Alfio Ghezzi

A visit to the cellars is a journey into the history of the traditional method, a fascinating underground labyrinth where more than 20 milion bottles lie waiting to reveal the magic of thier fine bubbles.

The tour continues going up through wood and vineyeards to reach Villa Margon, a splendid XVI century mansion surrounded by vineyards where the Ferrari soul is born. The last stop of the journey is Locanda Margon, the Ferrari restaurant.

A splendid natural terrace overlooking the city of Trento surronded by vineyard only a few kilometers away from the winery. The restaurant is an experimental venue for creating innovative combinations paired with Trentodoc sparkling wine.