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The restaurant ...
Ristorante Anna is located in Moncalssico, just a short distance away from the ski-lifts. Its rooms are decorated in a sober, yet welcoming manner and have been designed specifically to help guests feel at home. The restaurant can cater for up to sixty individuals. Special areas are available for elegant or business dinners, birthdays and ceremonies.
Guests can also book a room at the neighbouring Bed & Breakfast, with its bright, quality accommodation and en-suite facilities - one of the rooms is also equipped with a small kitchen area and fridge - in order to enjoy a pleasant weekend surrounded by nature.
The restaurateur...
The Mogavero family has been at the helm of Ristorante Anna for over 20 years and lavishes great care and attention on every dish. The kitchen features age-old recipes, traditional aromas and new ideas in a perfect balance of flavours, making them a true indulgence well-worth savouring. Its comprehensive wine list gives guests the opportunity to combine the perfect wine with each dish in order to exalt its flavour.


Contact & Directions

via Nazionale, 1076
38020 Monclassico , Italy

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