Al Vò

An old-fashioned tavern of the type that are becoming increasingly rare.

Al Vò
Al Vò

The restaurant ...
The Vo' is an old-fashioned tavern of the type that is becoming increasingly rare. Self-possessed, intimate and with three welcoming rooms with vaulted ceilings, it has between 90 and 110 covers, based on whether the weather is suitable for eating outdoors. The restaurant also boasts a banquet area and meeting rooms.
The restaurateur...
The Antonilli family - with the owners Roberta and Francesco - are responsible for carrying on the tradition of the oldest tavern of Trento. In fact, the restaurant was first opened by Enrico in 1345 in the heart of the historical city centre with the name "ad Signum Rotae". Today, its ancient rooms still retain all their liveliness, infused by the courtesy, tradition and cheer of both passing guests and loyal clients.

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vicolo del Vo', 11
38100 Trento , Italy

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