Summer sports

Climbing boots, surfboard or MTB? In Trentino you can choose a different sport every day!

Mountaintops or lakeshores, on foot or by mountain bike, with a helmet and carabiners or your trekking shoes and backpack: Trentino in the summer is a great outdoor sports centre. You can go windsurfing in the morning on Lake Garda and in the afternoon take on a via ferrata in the Brenta Dolomites. The secret of Trentino lies in the variety of its territory which offers sports enthusiasts countless alternatives. Simply choose your starting point and off you go!

In October 2018 Trentino was hit by extreme weather conditions that damaged some of our beautiful paths, and subsequently these had to be temporarily closed down. We are now working to restore the paths. Punctual information about the closures is work in progress.