Laghetti dei Masi di Ruffrè

For your moments of relaxation, in contact with nature, discover the “Laghetti dei Masi di Ruffrè”, two beautiful bodies of water surrounded by meadows and forests.

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Val di Non - Ruffr? - Relax con cane ai Laghetti dei masi di Ruffr
Val di Non - Ruffr? - Passeggiata con cane ai Laghetti dei masi di Ruffr

These two small lakes are to be found near the farmsteads in the Val locality, in the municipality of Ruffrè: one of the two lakes is a protected area, while the other was created to offer an opportunity for leisure. The place is ideal for relaxing in a green area, or for picnics with your family, where the children can play freely on the meadows. In the nearby farmsteads, you can also taste dishes of excellent local cuisine.

The “Laghetti dei Masi” are a starting point for easy excursions towards Passo Mendola, the town of Cavareno, or Monte Roèn.