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 Paragliding Paganella - Lake Molveno - Trentino

La Paganella is a small mountain range featuring several peaks, the highest of which is Roda, at 2,125 m a.s.l. At the top is the weather station of Paganella, officially recognized by the World Meteorological Organization. The western slope, facing Andalo and Fai plateau, is forested and features numerous trails and ski-runs. This is the most attended area in winter, thanks to the many skiing facilities offered there. In the wintertime Paganella is the queen of winter sport resorts, and in the summertime its woods and slopes are ideal for hikes and outings. Dominating Trento and Valle dell'Adige on the east with a majestic vertical wall over 1,000 m high, its location allows a 360° sight of Trentino and the Dolomites. Its limestone walls used to be the favourite practice walls of the local rock climbers, and the more challenging climbs have seen the likes of aces such as Bruno Detassis and Cesare Maestri. From this peak, at dawn, you can enjoy a supreme view of the pinnacles of Brenta Dolomites, as they are kissed by the first rays of the rising sun.