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Macaion - Penegal - Roen

Macaion, Penegal and Roen: three peaks on the Mendola mountain range surrounded by striking scenery and blooming nature.

 Macaion - Penegal - Roen
 Macaion - Penegal - Roen
Monte Roen

Monte Macaion, Monte Penegal and Monte Roen are all part of the Mendola mountain range. All three boast green, blooming landscapes that reach their peak in the spring with an explosion of multicoloured hues and perfumed Alpine flowers.
Macaion is found on the cusp between Val di Non and Val d'Adige and overlooks a cliff. A superb view from the mountain can be enjoyed over the Valle dell'Adige, the Monti Sarentini, Merano and Bolzano. A special weather radar is found on the peak of Monte Macaion and can easily be seen standing amidst the larch woods at the top of the mountain. The radar has been operating since 2003 and is used to monitor precipitations, hailstorms and river floods in real time.
An iron tower at the top of Penegal allows visitors to climb further up and enjoy one of the most striking 360° views available in Trentino-South Tyrol. Lastly, Monte Roen is located next to the Mendola Pass and is the highest mountain of the Monti Anauni range, separating Val di Non from Val d'Adige. One of the features which makes it so unique is its rounded peak, free from a single rock wall. The peak provides a complete view of the area, with Monte Sarentini, Monte Sciliar, Monte Catinaccio, Monte Latemar and Monte Lagorai to the north and east, the Brenta mountain range to the south, the Maddalene and the Cevedale mountain range to the west.