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Abisso di Lamar

By piercing through the bowels of the mountains, the "Abisso" di Lamar is an ambitious challenge for expert speleologists

Abisso di Lamar
Abisso di Lamar

With its 400 m drop, the cave has been the deepest in the region for many years and can only be visited by expert speleologists. The mouth of the "Abisso" di Lamar is located thirty meters above the eastern bank of its eponymous lake. The first section of the chasm features a murky rocky bend with a two hundred meter descent, which leads to the mouth of giant Pozzo Trieste - more than ten meters wide and one hundred fifty meters deep. A small spring fed from Lake Lamar's waters gurgles out of a lateral bend at the top of the shaft, which is currently the deepest in the region.

This vertical cavity includes more than twenty shafts scattered both in succession and along secondary branches. Explorers stopped investigating the chasm near the two siphons. Located at different depths, their waters feed a number of springs in Valle dell'Adige, near town Zambana Vecchia.