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Ma che ethos gavìo voialtri? - Special Project

Dawn in the Dolomites

That lingering moment when the first light of dawn touches the darkness of the night is filled with magical pathos. You can experience this magic at L’Alba delle Dolomiti (Dawn over the Dolomites), one of the most special moments during I Suoni delle Dolomiti (The Sounds of the Dolomites). The stars grow dim to make way for the rays of the sun. It is a moment of oneness with nature that takes us back to basics and touches our inner being — a moment to be savoured in reverent silence. No rhetoric, nothing superfluous, just a moment of truth. These very same ingredients make up Marco Paolini's special project for L’Alba delle Dolomiti, which will be shown to the public on the natural terrace provided by Prà Martin.

This vantage point overlooks the peaks of the Catinaccio, which appear almost close enough to touch. Accompanied by Alberto Ziliotto on the guitar, Paolini's voice is reminiscent of that of Luigi Meneghello. From the pages of the book Piccoli Maestri (Little Teachers), we will hear fragments of lives lived, like that of the young student from Vicenza, who went up into the mountains to become a partisan, following the example of Antonio Giuriolo, a professor without a teaching post. In the words of Paolini, it is “a personal, unpretentious story of resistance that speaks to every generation”. This dedication, with which Paolini will greet the audience at first light, is mainly aimed at “young people, those who wish to listen to him”.


How to get there
Take the Catinaccio cable car (able to transport 1,000 people every hour, open from 4:30 am to 6:30 am for this occasion) from Vigo di Fassa to Ciampedie and then on foot
30 min walking time

Tickets for the cable car: one way 10 €, reduced rate 8 €; return ticket 16 €, reduced rate 13 €; 5% off for online purchase


Excursion with Trentino Mountain Guides
at €15.00 per person (free for children under 8). 20% discount for Trentino Guest Card and Card di Territorio holders. Reservation required: Book by 10 :00 am the day before the excursion by calling the Val di Fassa ApT at the following number +39 0462 609500.

Limited availability


Meeting point in the event of bad weather
5:30 pm at Teatro Navalge, in Moena


+39 0462 609500


An initiative

APT Val di Fassa

Trentino Marketing

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Dawn in the Dolomites