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Dancing the Revolution

Isadora Duncan and the figurative arts in Italy between the 19th century and avant-garde

Mart will host a major exhibition dedicated to the American dancer and cultural icon. Rebellious and charismatic, a true diva, she went beyond the canons of romantic ballet to develop an independent style and technique.
Central themes in the exhibition are the liberation of women's bodies, Duncan's influence on early 20th-century culture, and her bond with Italy. The exhibition features numerous major artists who portrayed or were inspired by Duncan: Rodin, Bourdelle, von Stuck, Zandomeneghi, Sartorio, Bistolfi, Nomellini, Romanelli, Baccarini, De Carolis, Chini, Cambellotti, Nonni, Boccioni, Depero, Severini, Casorati, Campigli, Sironi, Raphaël, and Gio Ponti. An exhibition cured by Mart Museum, CR Firenze Foundation, Maria Flora Giubilei and Carlo Sisi with Rossella Campana, Eleonora Barbara Nomellini and Patrizia Veroli.

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