Christmas at Avio Castle

Music, history and flavours

Three weekends in a really magic place, illuminated by fire, heated by food and wine, accompanied by the rhythm of words and music. Castellum Ava has hidden paths, enigma to be solved, histories and legends to tell, an atmosphere to discover.
Christmas at Avio Castel. A magical location. Open November 27-28 | 4-5-8 | 11-12 December from 10 to 18 Sometimes, there are magic places we see looking out from a train or car window. Between Trento and Verona, the gaze is captured by Avio Castle. Stories and legends, poetry for lovers, travel histories, courage histories for heroes. Those enchantments will be explained with the rhythm of words, music and games. But inside the castle are also the merchants with their precious velvets, wood, stone, wax objects and wine potions. Green Pass is required.

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