An autumn weekend in Alpe Cimbra with the family

Surrounded by nature, legends, and the charm of Cimbrian culture

n the south-east of Trentino there is a special place, where liberty is no abstract concept but a living thing you can experience among the woods, pastures, streams of crystal-clear waters, or the many trails ideal for walking or MTB. You are in Alpe Cimbra, where the mountain air becomes breathable energy and tradition is the backbone of everyday life.

Here, in the towns of Lavarone, Luserna and Folgaria, people still speak Cimbrian. Many generations of local inhabitants have passed down their legends in this ancient language, packed with gnomes, sprites and witches: you might even fancy you catch a glimpse of these mysterious beings between the tree trunks as you roam the trails of their forests.

A place frozen in time, in the embrace of the mountains: the ideal location to unleash a child’s imagination. We’ve designed an itinerary for you in 6 parts: 6 experiences to be enjoyed first-hand, then treasured forever in your memories.


Where is Alpe Cimbra?


1. On Lake Lavarone

Lake Lavarone is a jewel nestled among the mountains and surrounded by dense woods, whose clean, uncontaminated waters have won it a Blue Flag once again in 2021.

It is surrounded by a choice of trails to enjoy on foot or on horseback, as well as trails for mountain bikes. It won’t be long before this placid expanse of water wins you over… and you’ll be in good company!

The great Sigmund Freud himself fell so deeply in love with this place that in the early 1900s he would spend long periods of time relaxing and studying by Lake Lavarone.

While the colours of the water will bewitch you in autumn, in summer they invite you to dive right in, with two well-equipped beaches offering you the chance to hire a paddle boat or row boat.


An autumn weekend in Alpe Cimbra

2. Taking lessons on the farm

Not far from Lake Lavarone, in the Magrè area, a delightful experience gives you the chance to reconnect with nature.

At the Azienda Agricola Soto al Croz farm, you can watch the cows being milked before learning how the milk is used to make cheese following typical Trentino traditions. Besides the farmwork, there are also courses for families with children to learn more about farming.

 Contact the Alpe Cimbra Tourist Board for bookings and information!


3. Along the Sentiero Cimbro dell’Immaginario trail

It’s time to let your imagination run wild! Immerse yourself in traditional Cimbrian legends along a fantastical route packed with sculptures, thriving fir trees, tall beeches, meadows, and traces of the lives of the Plateau’s Cimbrian inhabitants — including their hardships.

With its wooden sculptures and descriptive panels, the Sentiero Cimbro dell’Immaginario trail leads you into the heart of a long-lost world populated by characters typical of local traditions — like Frau Pertega and Tüsele Marüsele — in the natural setting of the woods. The walk is 7 km long, takes about two hours, and is not particularly difficult. It is even accessible for strollers.

An autumn weekend in Alpe Cimbra

4. Lost in long-ago Luserna

Luserna (Lusérn in Cimbrian) is a treasure trove of history and traditions, where a unique tongue is spoken to this very day: Cimbrian, a Germanic language dating from the Middle Ages.

During your visit to the town of Luserna, you can learn all about the lifestyles of local people by calling into the Haus Von Prükk House Museum, an important site which preserves a historical record of the local community. Our advice is to book a guided tour, with a stop at the House Museum and the Documentation Centre, to really get to know the traditions and culture of the area!


5. Dining on authentic flavours

In the enchanting village of Luserna, the Lusernarhof restaurant serves up the true traditional cuisine of Alpe Cimbra. The restaurant, set in what were once three old Cimbrian houses, has a stunning view over the valley and offers diners cooking that brings the past back to life.

Speck made from trout, ravioloni with Vezzena cheese, and pork fillet with speck are some of the typical dishes that can be enjoyed inside the former hay barn.

An autumn weekend in Alpe Cimbra

6. Among the hamlets and nature of Alpe Cimbra

Nå in tritt von (Cimbrian for “Trail of the Bear”) in Alpe Cimbra has a low level of technical difficulty and requires nothing more than a simple pair of trekking shoes. As you follow this trail, you will find yourself crossing forests, historic villages, and ruins from the Great War.

The route starts in the centre of Luserna before continuing in the direction of Malga Millegrobbe di Sopra across the wooded slope of the Obarraut. Follow the signposts to reach the military cemetery of Costalta and then the Baita del Neff. Your return path to Luserna passes by Malga Costalta before joining the dirt road heading in the direction of Luserna Fort. Before reaching the Fort, turn onto a path through the meadows (signposted) which leads back down to Luserna.

Published on 06/06/2023