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To learn about UNESCO in Trentino

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Museums, castles and forts to see in Trentino
Museums, castles and forts to see in Trentino

A rich cultural and environmental heritage that offers several opportunities for new discoveries.

From the Science Museum in Trento designed by Renzo Piano, visitors can embark on a journey to discover the Dolomites, the pile dwellings, the "Alpi Ledrensi e Judicaria" biosphere, the Austrian forts of the Great War and many other places with characteristics that provide a good illustration of what "World Heritage" sites, current and prospective, have to offer.

The UNESCO sites in Trentino are interesting to discover when the weather is nice and in the summer, but you really have an opportunity to visit them all year round, thanks to the network of cultural heritage sites.

Dolomite enthusiasts can discover their geological beauties at the MUSE in Trento, at the Museo delle Dolomiti in Predazzo, Val di Fiemme, and at the Visitor Centre of the Adamello-Brenta Park/Geopark in Carisolo, Val Rendena. The Stenico castle in the Giudicarie area is an annex of Castello del Buonconsiglio in Trento, but also the representative office of the UNESCO biosphere “Alpi Ledrensi e Judicaria”.

The pile-dwellings Museum in Fiavé and the pile-dwellings Centre in Ledro introduce visitors to the history of prehistoric populations.

Another museum, in San Michele all'Adige, will introduce you to the people of the Alps and their traditions. To learn more about the history of the territory, you can visit the historic Museum in Trento, in the original Galleries of Piedicastello. Finally, for lovers of the mountains and history of mountaineering, the Biblioteca della Montagna of SAT (Library of the Mountains by the Tridentine Mountaineering Association) is certainly worth checking out, with its collection of more than 40 thousand volumes and a collection dedicated to the Dolomites as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

MUSE – Science Museum

MUSE – Science Museum

Science can surprise you

Esposizione_Museo_Geologico_Predazzo_photo DFerrari | © Esposizione_Museo_Geologico_Predazzo_photo DFerrari

Geological Museum of the Dolomites

The rich array on display within the museum, integrated with the...

Lake Ledro Pile-dwelling Museum

Lake Ledro Pile-dwelling Museum

A day in the Prehistory in Ledro

METS - Museo Etnografico Trentino  San Michele

METS - Museo Etnografico Trentino San Michele

Discover ancient rural traditions