Off the beaten track

5 easy and little-known hiking trails in Trentino

SUMMER 2020 – “Follow me, I’ll take you somewhere only I know”. An invitation that paves the way to strange scenes and mini-adventures. Usually, we hear it said by someone we trust, someone we can be sure will introduce us to a new place that we will fall in love with too.

And that’s how it will be with the trails we recommend in this article. Few people know about these, the less-travelled paths, yet they are all beautiful, winding through woods and meadows in flower where you can breathe in the clean mountain air.


Hiking trail to Sicconi tower, Valsugana

A trail with a view over Lake Caldonazzo, leading you to the tower of the Sicconi family, an observation point for the historical lords of the area. This is an easy trail which is even possible with a stroller during summer, thanks to the chestnut trees that provide the route with shade. In autumn, the colours of the foliage provide a spectacular show.


A walk through woods, meadows and water lilies – Valle di Ledro

A little lake, carpeted with water lilies: this is the destination for an easy hike that begins in Tiarno di Sopra, the largest village in Valle di Ledro.  The walk takes about two hours including the return, but is an easy route along country lanes, tree-lined paths and a few stretches of asphalt road.


A hike along the Walnut trail – Valle di Comano

A hike through rural hamlets and country lanes, flanked by walnut groves and cultivated fields and meadows: the “Sentiero della Noce”, or Walnut trail, makes its way through the Bleggio area in Valle di Comano, where walnuts were already being grown during the time of the ancient Romans. This is an easy and almost completely flat hike, lasting about two hours.


A hike along the Sorasas – Monte Bondone

This hike is a little more challenging than the others, but can be completed without difficulty even by children. The starting point is Fer de Caval, not far from the city of Trento. Leave the car parked and head into the woods along paths dating from the First World War, wandering among the ruins of military outposts and admiring the spectacular views across the Adige Valley.


Manderlina trail – Cembra Valley

At the beginning, this route may seem a little challenging with a slight incline, but it’s worth the effort. Hikers find themselves surrounded by beech and black pine forests, wooden cabins and breath-taking glimpses of the Brenta Dolomites. Don’t forget to stop and see the ruins of the ancient lime kiln, a structure which was once used to produce lime, and the little church of San Leonardo.

Published on 11/05/2020