6 easy hikes with stunning views

Walking boots, rucksack, camera... ready to go?

After a lovely walk in the mountains, you usually go home with your water bottles empty, your lungs full of fresh air, a light heart and a lot of gorgeous photos. Because — let’s be honest — it's hard to resist the temptation to snap a quick shot when you spy the Brenta Dolomites looming before you, or the immensity of Lake Garda spread out at your feet. So you stop and take a photo, maybe to share with your friends later on.

For this reason, we have chosen 6 easy hikes which anybody can do, culminating in spectacular views for you to photograph or just admire in silence, drinking them in through your eyes and storing them in your heart.

Lake Malghette route, Madonna di Campiglio

Lake Malghette route, Madonna di Campiglio

A route that puts you at the heart of nature in the Brenta Dolomites: it starts with an ascent through a splendid spruce forest, before reaching Lake Malghette with its charming lodge. The excursion has a moderate difficulty rating, and takes 3:30 h. From the Rifugio Malghette lodge, you can embark on other panoramic walks, like the one that leads you through meadows and mountain pins to the Pradalago lodge.


The Rifugio Graffer route, Madonna di Campiglio

An easy outing, close to the Brenta Dolomites: take the Spinale lift for an easy ascent to high altitudes before enjoying a walk on fairly level ground to the G. Graffer lodge. This pleasant stroll through pastures and meadows high in the mountains will reward a small amount of effort with spectacular panoramic views of the Brenta Dolomites and the Adamello-Presanella glaciers.


Baita Segantini route, Pale di San Martino

This hike may be a little more gruelling than the others, but we are sure you can handle it, particularly because of the unforgettable view of the Pale di San Martino mountain range that awaits you at the end. Leave the car near the Rolle Pass and walk for almost an hour until you arrive at the Baita Segantini meadow and its little lake, where the Dolomites peer down at their reflection.


Fuciade Mountain Hut route, Val di Fassa

This is one of the most photographed locations in Trentino. After a walk that lasts about an hour, with no particular obstacles, hikers reach the Fuciade basin, where a mountain hut of the same name is located (check opening times). Here, you are locked in the embrace of the mountains: before you rise the walls of Cima dell’Uomo, while behind you are the Pale di San Martino. All that’s left to do is stop and take a panoramic shot.


Busatte-Tempesta route, Lake Garda

Although this is not a difficult trail, it is not accessible with a stroller and is not suitable for very young children or elderly walkers. This is because much of the hike consists of a jaw-dropping staircase suspended between the cliff and the lake. The view from the steps is the classic postcard image of Lake Garda stretching towards the horizon, encircled by the mountains.


Gardeccia Mountain Hut route, Val di Fassa

This is a super-easy hike, thanks in part to the cable lifts that will take you from Vigo di Fassa to the Ciampedie facility, where your walk begins, in just a few minutes. Once you have reached the top, you simply follow a path that loops its way through woods and mountains to the Gardeccia Mountain Hut, nestled in the majestic Catinaccio Group of the Dolomites.

Published on 06/06/2023