Brenta Open

A Trentino-based experience for all

In Trentino, inclusiveness is a value that engages entire communities.

Brenta Open is an event organised by the Dolomiti Open association that unites mountaineering, an Intangible World Heritage Site, and the UNESCO-heritage Dolomites.

For its tenth edition, the program includes a great trip across the Brenta Dolomites. It will be a group experience and participants will include sportsmen and mountaineers with various disabilities

Nello scenario roccioso delle Dolomiti del Brenta, cinque alpinisti stanno raggiungendo una cima. È un gruppo composto da persone disabili e non. In primo piano, un ragazzo a cui manca la gamba destra affronta la salita con l’aiuto di un compagno di scalata e con speciali stampelle che gli permettono di sfruttare al meglio la forza delle braccia.

On the high peaks, together

This year’s Brenta Open will be held from 13 to 21 July: a week of climbing to travel through the great Via delle Normali, ending with a weekend of meetings, music and events.

If the summit ride is reserved for mountaineers (disabled and non-disabled) and musicians who will enliven the stops with their music, the three closing days will be open to everyone

All events scheduled for the final weekend will take place at Rifugio Graffer, which is also accessible to people with mobility disabilities. To reach it, you can take the cable car and then a slightly sloping trail to get there in about half an hour. If, on the other hand, you have a passion for biking, you can get to the Rifugio with an assisted (electric) handcycle: a route with 600 metres of altitude difference awaits you, starting from the Fortini car park at Passo del Grosté (Madonna di Campiglio). 

You can choose to stay at the Rifugio for one or more days: if you want to stay overnight, you will have to book the overnight stay yourself.

If, on the other hand, you have a sporting background, mountaineering experience and would like to participate in one of the climbing stages, you can contact Dolomiti Open and talk to the organisers.

Un gruppo di persone, in fila, sta risalendo un sentiero sulle Dolomiti del Brenta. Seconda nella fila, una donna con una protesi alla gamba sinistra cammina con due bastoncini da trekking, supporto usato anche da altre persone del gruppo.

Dolomites, everyone’s heritage

Brenta Open was first held in 2015 out of a desire: making the Dolomites an experience for everyone.

The programme, in its 10th edition, is a real logistical challenge inspired by the motto ‘the story of a few becomes the achievement of many’. The route that mountaineers and musicians will tackle together combines all the peaks of the Brenta Dolomites in a group experience: people with and without disabilities will share goals, fatigue and satisfaction. The climb to the peaks will end with three days open to everyone, sportsmen and mountain lovers alike.

A space becomes accessible when people commit themselves to open it to anyone who wants to experience it. It is the community that makes the difference, with commitment, preparation and collaboration.

In this Highlands scenario, the challenge is personal, but it should be faced together, as a group. The philosophy behind Brenta Open does not favour those who go the fastest in the mountains, but those who experience the adventure of reaching the summits at exactly the pace that suits them best.

Dolomiti di Brenta, scalata verso la cima. Nel paesaggio roccioso illuminato da una luce bianca, tre alpinisti procedono in fila indiana. Uno dei tre ha una protesi alla gamba destra e scala aiutandosi con una stampella, mentre quello che apre la fila lo tiene in sicurezza con una corda che li unisce.

Dolomiti Open: more inclusive events

In addition to Brenta Open, Dolomiti Open organises other inclusive events:

  • Inclusive Climbing Festival, 5 and 6 October;

  • throughout the summer, accessible biking and trekking activities are also open to people with different disabilities;

  • the theatrical narrative of Brenta Open, through which the public can relive the journey that made the Dolomites peaks accessible thanks to the commitment and imagination of the local community.

For more information on these events, visit the Dolomiti Open website.

Trentino Open

Il Trentino è per tutti
Published on 17/06/2024