Land art in Trentino: the beauty of art, the harmony of nature

Places with a unique charm in the woods that become real open-air museums

Among the several combinations proposed, art and nature definitely is one of the most successful. Art imitates nature; making it nobler and interpreting it. In Trentino, however, the combination was taken quite literally! In fact, many are the places here where artists have confronted with the beauty of the landscape and with the elements that a generous nature offers.

It's called Land art and is a fascinating way to combine the creative ability of an artist with the beauties of a territory. Stones, branches, trees, grass, sky, rivers. All natural elements that combine to create spectacular works of art that are also eco-friendly and rich with meaning. A way to honour the beautiful nature of a place and to communicate its meanings. In Trentino, each year artists from around the world meet and have met to build beautiful artefacts that become part of the landscape. An impressive attraction for those looking for inspiration for the mind and life in the open air.

Ledro Land Art

Ledro Land Art is an artistic journey started in 2012. The artists invited to produce an artwork have grappled with the territory's environmental and historical specificities by preparing a rich catalogue of solutions made of sustainable materials. The result is a series of artworks exclusively designed for the place in which they are found.



Latemar.Art is an itinerary dedicated to the lovers of art and exhibitions at high altitudes. The trail unwinds in the Pampeago Green and White Gallery, one of the highest art parks in the world, with works by Italian and international artists, and it is designed for families and lovers of open-air museums. The artworks and new interactive stations lead to the discovery of art and nature.


Arte Sella

Since 1986, Val di Sella is home to a major international art event. The legacy of the works created each year by the artists is Arte Sella, an immense open-air exhibition in the town of Borgo Valsugana with real works of art made with stones, leaves, branches and trunks. A place where the creativity of artists blends and brings things into shape in total harmony with nature.


Il respiro degli alberi

A permanent theme-based exhibition of contemporary art in the woods of the town of Lavarone. Every year in mid-August, new artworks are added to it, in what becomes a true art event in the open air. Each sculpture is a discrete reflection in harmony with the landscape of which it is a part and by which it will be reabsorbed over time.


Bosco Arte Stenico 

A pleasant walk accessible also on wheelchair by accompanied handicapped persons is the best way to discover the artworks left on the site where they were created by the guest authors of this encounter with contemporary art. The works of art are distributed along a path in the woods, occupying different levels, the grass, logs and branches, and interact with each other and with visitors through the symbolic language of art.

Published on 16/10/2019