Young fishers grow up

Live exciting adventures along Trentino’s rivers and streams

Young fishers grow up

It’s time to start a new, amazing adventure: have you ever felt the thrill of a family-fishing experience? Fishing is a very interesting and educational activity for children. It can be a thrilling experience for the whole family, surrounded by untouched nature, in a safe and child-friendly environment.

Let’s start from the beginning. Fishing, in fact, has some rules and rituals to be respected both by adults and children.

Your first time in a fishing-shop

If you love fishing, you will for sure remember the emotion felt buying your first fishing rod.

Children live such emotions in a magnified way, and their first purchase in a fishing shop will never be forgotten. Not sure to invest yet in an expensive gear? No problem, you can easily hire the full fishing kit in the most important fishing areas or you can contact one of the Trentino Fishing Guides, who will take you to the best fishing spots and will provide useful information on the fishing areas, the fish fauna, the fishing techniques and the most suitable equipmen.


How to choose the perfect spot

When fishing with children, you could choose to use safer and child-friendly fishing piers overlooking the shores of many lakes and streams of Giudicarie valley. Such wharfs are especially designed for hosting children (as well as persons with disabilities, absolute beginners and elderly people). They are located along Sarca di Nambrone’s river, along Adanà’s stream, on the shores of Storo’s lake in Valle del Chiese, of Nembia’s lake and on Cornisello’s lake (both in Alto Sarca area).

About twenty kilometres from Lake Cornisello, at the heart of Madonna di Campiglio, the little ones can learn the fundamentals of recreational fishing at the small lake of Conca Verde, thanks to courses, specifically organised for children, during July and August by the local Fishermen Association.

Catch and release practice

Fishing is an utterly educational activity: children learn to be patient, to respect nature and to play it nicely. In fact, after each capture, it is mandatory: the caught fish has to be released. It is the “catch & release” practice. 

What about your fishing licence?

Remember to get a valid fishing licence for you and for your young fisher. Under 14 children can count on special fares: if an adult has got a valid licence, the child fishing with him can do it for free. Enjoy fishing responsibly, there is a daily maximum amount of 5 salmonid captures (trout, brook trout and graylings). Get ready for this new adventure!

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