Activities that’ll go down a storm!

Great ideas for rainy day activities on holiday

Holidays are full of opportunities and activities. However, often something unexpected, like a rainy day, manages to change even the best-made plans! Nobody ever thinks about what they can do if it rains. Luckily, in Trentino there is always an interesting alternative to outdoor activities.

When the sunshine takes a day off, there are several activities for you to try, particularly with your children. A visit to a castle is an opportunity to become a brave knight, while the MUSE in Trento offers fun-filled educational workshops and the castle in Rovereto is full of secret tunnels to discover. And then the pools with slides and waterfalls will be fun for everyone in the family!

A day that may be without sun, but that will shine with knowledge and fun!

Kings and queens of the castle!

If your children tend to think of castles as luxurious palaces for princes and princesses, a trip to see one of the castles of Trentino could be an eye-opening experience for them. After all, real history is more astonishing than any fairy tale.

A day at the museum

Even though no dinosaurs come to life in these museums, you’ll have to drag your kids out at the end of the day because there's so much to do, including creative workshops, special play areas and all sorts of other activities for people of all ages.

Go with the flaw!

Water is used to produce clean energy at Santa Massenza, which is the most powerful hydroelectric plant in Trentino. Worth more than a whole host of science lessons, a visit here will take your breath away.

Make a splash!

With water features, river current systems, waterfalls and much more besides, not to mention depths and water temperatures that cater to the needs of kids, indoor swimming pools are a great option on rainy days.

Published on 06/06/2023