Detoxing experiences amidst nature in Trentino

Our best offers for a stress-free holiday

Go apple-picking, experience a grape harvest first hand or treat yourself to an alpine herbal treatment in the middle of the forest. These are just a few of the countless stress-relieving activities that Trentino has to offer in the fall. A break from the daily grind to take some time off and show yourself some well-deserved love.

Are you ready to live in perfect harmony with the environment around you? Then come on, take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the grass...

Discover the detoxing experiences designed just for you!

Barefoot walking

Walking barefoot, feeling the soil or grass beneath your feet, making room for a sensory experience while enjoying a pleasant sensation of freedom. It's called Barefoot Walking and it’s a new fascinating sport with healing properties. Find out where you can practise Barefoot Walking in Trentino

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Vendemmiamo (Grape Harvest Love)

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a grape harvest first hand with local expert winemakers and choose from among the several proposals of the local wineries. You can visit the "caneve" and wine cellars to discover the places where wine is made, as well as enjoy fascinating wine tasting events.

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Anti-stress programme at the Spa

Relieving stress is possible! Recover your mental and physical wellbeing thanks to the healing properties of the thermal waters! Enjoy our anti-stress package at the Terme di Pejo, renowned for skin care and for improving circulation.

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Pick the first apple

A walk for young and old to discover new places, learn more about apples and how they are grown, play with insects, admire hidden views of the Val di Non, rest in the woods, sniff, guess, read or just walk...

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Nordic Walking in the Stelvio National Park

A different way to relax and exercise in the mountains. Nordic Walking is a relatively new sport practised outdoors that is healthy and accessible to everyone. It allows you to combine the positive effects of sportswith relaxation and fun. Here’s where you can practise Nordic Walking

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Wellness from the forest

The scents of the forest run all over your body, the steam jets caress you, with samples of herbal teas for you to enjoy. A full treatment for a day of total relax at the AcquaIN Beauty in Andalo, Paganella.

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