In autumn, a forkful of tradition

The grape and apple harvests, chestnuts and wine: enjoy a delicious autumn weekend

Maybe it’s the cooler air, or the scent of ripe apples ready to be picked… whatever the reason, autumn is a season that whets the appetite and excites the taste buds. It’s simply a pleasure to sit down with some friends and share a glass of Novello wine as you carefully peel a roasted chestnut, taking care not to scald your fingers. You can also delve into the culinary kaleidoscope of country festivals and fairs that, here in Trentino, revolve around polenta, Teroldego and Marzemino wine and, of course, apples.

September also marks the beginning of the desmontegade, an ancient ritual where cows, calves and goats are led back to the valleys by their herders after having spent the entire summer in the high mountain pastures. This procession is today accompanied by the ringing of cowbells, the bright colours that adorn the animals themselves and the aroma of the mountain cheese the herders carry with them.

Then of course there are the apple and grape harvests and the hunt for mushrooms in the woods: these traditions renew the link between the people and the land and make one feel like a small part of something much greater, something wrought from passion, taste and attention to the little things. Savour the pleasure of tradition in Trentino.

Autumn harvests

Chestnuts, apples, mushrooms, grapes, olives and corn: the products of the land taste better when it’s you that gathers them. You’ll find them all in this short guide to the autumn harvests.

Autumn festivals and fairs

With grape harvests, desmontegade and apple picking, in autumn there’s always a good reason to sit down and have a feast. Here’s a list of what’s not to be missed!

Tasty weekend

If you enjoy good, locally sourced food and life in the country, have a look at our suggestions for a weekend spent like a true “gourmand”.

Unusual products to be tried

Have you ever tried a carpione dish? Do you know what a cornel tastes like? Come with us on this culinary adventure and discover an unexpected side of Trentino.