The splendour of winter lakes

7 itineraries for everyone to enjoy, on foot or snowshoes

Fascinating, mesmerising and, at times, wild: these are the winter lakes. As the first snowflakes start to fall and the temperature drops, the lakes’ surface turns into a gleaming sheet of ice covered by a soft white mantle.

The whole landscape is draped in wintery hues, framed by the stunning natural backdrop of snow-capped mountains; the atmosphere is surreal, almost mystical. This is the perfect time for a peaceful wilderness excursion, on foot or strapped to snowshoes, to discover the landscape and its hidden gems. We selected for you the most captivating winter lakes easy to reach through short nature trails.

CASTEL TOBLINO_Archivio APT Trento, Monte Bondone, Valle dei Laghi – foto M. Miori | © CASTEL TOBLINO_Archivio APT Trento, Monte Bondone, Valle dei Laghi – foto M. Miori

Toblino Lake

As Toblino Castle rises through the early mist of the lake, it’s easy to understand why, as tales tell, fairies used to live here. An inscription near the castle entrance also tells of a small sanctuary dedicated to the fairies. The location is in easy reach by car.

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Nambino Lake

The journey to Lake Nambino is short and immersed in a mesmerising landscape. The route, suitable for families with small children, leads – in just half an hour - to the enchanting lake through an easy uphill walk along a well-beaten path. The mountain hut overlooking the lake is open throughout the winter.

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Calaita Lake

The Calaita Lake, located in the highest part of Valle del Venoi, offers a spectacular vantage point from which to gaze at the Pale di San Martino. Close to Fiera di Primiero, the lake is easy to reach by car following the signs for Passo della Gobbera. The road is accessible also in winter.

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Colbricon Lakes

This excursion affords magnificent sweeping views across the Pale di San Martino, Cimon della Pala and the Lagorai Range. It starts at Malga Rolle, after walking for nearly one hour through stunning woodland, the path opens out onto the mesmerising sight of the small Colbricon lakes.  

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Lago di Tret

You can reach Rifugio Scoiattolo, by “Le Plaze di Tret” area in Val di Non, by car exiting the main road at the junction for Passo Palade. Park the car and continue on foot along the path. After walking, or snowshoeing, for one and a half hours you will reach Lake Tret. Nearby, you will find a mountain hut and a farmstead where you can rest and replenish.

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Laghetti del Malghetto

This excursion will lead you along a captivating nature trail to marvel at the Gruppo della Presanella. Starting from Marilleva, at 1400m, in Val di Sole, you can reach on snowshoes the Laghetti del Malghetto in about two hours. The two glacial lakes, close to each another, rest at 2000m of altitude.

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Lago dei Caprioli

This picturesque alpine lake, situated at 1280m, is a fantastic lookout and the starting point of many excursions at high altitude. Starting from Malga Fazzon, you can walk with snowshoes all the way around the lake. Drive from Pellizano, Val di Sole, and park nearby before setting off on foot.

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Published on 18/03/2019