The splendour of winter lakes

Step into the wild and discover hidden gems

Fascinating, mesmerising and, at times, wild: these are the winter lakes. As the first snowflakes start to fall and the temperature drops, the lakes’ surface turns into a gleaming sheet of ice covered by a soft white mantle.

The whole landscape is draped in wintery hues, framed by the stunning natural backdrop of snow-capped mountains; the atmosphere is surreal, almost mystical. This is the perfect time for a peaceful wilderness excursion to discover the landscape and its hidden gems. 


Toblino Lake

As Toblino Castle rises through the early mist of the lake, it’s easy to understand why, as tales tell, fairies used to live here. An inscription near the castle entrance also tells of a small sanctuary dedicated to the fairies. The location is in easy reach by car.


Lake Ledro

Not far from Lake Garda, this beautiful alpine lake is a popular destination amongst families and those keen to discover the history of pile dwellings in the region. Few restored pile houses can be seen along the shores. The high altitude gives the lake the status of one of the most pristine lakes in Trentino. Worth braving the cold weather to snap some pictures.


Calaita Lake

The Calaita Lake, located in the highest part of Valle del Vanoi, offers a spectacular vantage point from which to gaze at the Pale di San Martino. Close to Fiera di Primiero, the lake is easy to reach by car following the signs for Passo della Gobbera. The road is accessible also in winter.


Lake Molveno

Labelled the jewel of Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta, Lake Molveno with its clear and deep blue water offers mirror-like reflections of the Dolomites peaks that surround it. A postcard scene of pristine natural beauty, particularly fascinating in winter.


Lake Santa Colomba

This lake is an ideal destination for gentle winter strolls through the Ecomuseo dell’Argentario woods. Located at 926 metres above sea level in the Valle di Cembra, it is extremely popular with visitors due to the colour of the water. The sky and the surrounding fir trees are reflected in its surface, creating an enchanting mountain scene. In addition, it is a wonderfully peaceful spot where tourists love to relax and listen to the sounds of nature.

Published on 27/11/2021