6 easy snowshoe trips

These itineraries are suitable for all and offer tasty stops at mountain huts along the way.

Just keep walking and let the snow support you: this is one of the pleasures of snowshoeing. In Trentino, snowshoes allow you to reach high mountain huts and peaks right up until springtime. Indeed, when the sun warms the air and the blanket of snow is well packed underfoot, a trek with your snowshoes is the ideal way to reach your destination. You’ll find plenty of places along the way where you can stop and have a bite to eat or maybe soak in the warm sunshine.
Here we recommend 6 easy snowshoeing trips, to be enjoyed alone or with the entire family, that will take you into the very heart of nature without missing out on the pleasures of a tasty stop at a mountain hut.

The Sette Selle mountain hut

An easy yet highly suggestive route that winds its way through the woods of the Val dei Mocheni. Don’t be surprised if you come across an elf or two peeping out from behind the trees! Just above the town of Palù del Fersina the valley comes to an end and opens up onto a natural amphitheatre of magnificent peaks which, by the way, are also not difficult to reach in the winter months. The Sette Selle mountain hut (open on weekends) guarantees a pleasant break.


Lake Peak

This easy excursion takes you along the Val Venegia, below the Pale di San Maritno Dolomites and offers a truly magnificent panorama. This pleasant trip, through open, gently sloping landscapes, will allow you to truly appreciate the view as you rise from the valley floor right up to the crest that links the Valles Pass to Monte Mulaz. You can stop at the Malga Venegia farmhouse too which is open every day.


Monte Cola

Overlooking the Valsugana, this sunlit panoramic trail takes you across gently sloping terrain and, with the final leg, leads you up to a mountain crest that gives the trip a truly alpine feel. The slopes above the town of Roncegno are amongst the most beautiful of the entire valley with dozens of mountain cabins and farmsteads scattered amongst the chestnut groves and pastures. On your return trip you can also stop off for something tasty at the Serot Mountain Hut.


Monte Stivo

Below you lies a stretch of lake bathed on both sides by steep mountains and you couldn’t be blamed for thinking of a Norwegian fjord. Indeed, this route offers some unique characteristics: bear in mind that Monte Stivo is something of a natural terrace overlooking Lake Garda. The route itself doesn’t present any particular difficulties and the view is truly spectacular. The Marchetti Mountain Hut, located at the arrival point, is open on weekends.


“Viote” of Monte Bondone

If you’re stretched for time but you don’t want to miss out on a charming trek across the snow, the highlands of the Viote are the perfect place for you. To the west these uplands are bordered by a long crest known as “La Rosta” which can be reached after a an easy uphill trek and although this route is suitable for all, it truly offers a spectacular view. Furthermore, the Capanna Viote lodge, located not far away, offers some great food.


Malga Cere 

This trail leads you from the Val Calamento right up to the Malga Cere farmhouse which is open every day right up until Easter. The entire trip is along forest roads which, with a series of curves and hair-pin bends, leads you up to higher elevations and truly magnificent panoramas.

Published on 16/10/2019