Six easy snowshoeing routes to follow

Snowshoeing trails that are suitable for everyone

Snowshoeing is a wonderful way to get around Trentino in the winter. Feel like you are slowly floating across the snowy surface as you head to mountain huts and peaks. On crisp, sunny days when a blanket of snow has settled on the ground, it is easy to walk wherever you like with snowshoes.

We have put together a selection of six easy routes for you to follow by yourself or with your family. Spend a day in the great outdoors and make sure you stop for a tasty bite to eat.


Before setting out for the snow, please check that the facilities you’re interested in are still open and whether booking is required.


Passo 5 Croci

Snowshoeing up to the Passo 5 Croci (mountain pass) in the winter can be an exhilarating experience. The route is uphill but it never gets too steep. After initially taking you through a fairy-tale fir wood, it then goes past the tree line and you will see the Lagorai mountain range and the Cima d’Asta massif open up in front of you. There are 360° views from the top of the pass.


Corno di Tres

This is a safe snowshoeing route that mostly follows forest roads before leading onto a path in the final stretch. It is a well-trodden track because the destination is very popular. It starts at the Predaia Ai TodesCi mountain hut, which you can reach by car on paved roads. If the roads are icy or snowy, you can leave your vehicle in the handy Passo Predaia car park and walk to the Predaia mountain hut in approximately 20 minutes.


Cima del Lago

The Pale di San Martino mountain range forms the backdrop to this easy route in the Val Venegia, which has truly unique views. The beautiful, sun-kissed trail showcases the best of the spellbinding scenery as it takes you up from the bottom of the valley to the ridge linking the Passo Valles (mountain pass) with Monte Mulaz. The route is on open ground and the slopes never get too steep. It goes past the Malga Venegia, which is open every day.


Cros del Cuc

Cros del Cuc is a viewpoint that is easily accessible with snowshoes. From the top, you will be able to admire the spectacular winter scenery on the Piné plateau. It takes an hour and a half to snowshoe up to the summit. The route follows a forest road and starts in a car park near the Baita Alpina, uphill from the town of Bedollo. It ends at a majestic cross, where you can enjoy magnificent views of the icy water in Lake Piazze and Lake Serraia.



In the winter, a thick blanket of snow settles on the Tremalzo meadows and turns everything white. Until the 1980s, Tremalzo was a ski resort. Still today you can see strips of land with little vegetation where the ski lifts once stood. Get back to nature on a snowshoeing trip in the local area. On weekends and public holidays, you can head to the Garibaldi mountain hut or the Garda Hotel for a delicious bite to eat after your trip.


Viote Plain on Monte Bondone

If you do not have much time but you would still like to go snowshoeing, the Viote plain is the place for you. Its western boundary is marked by a long ridge called La Rosta, which boasts stunning views but requires only a short climb so is easy to reach. Capanna Viote is a great place to stop for a snack.

Published on 14/01/2022