Vino Santo

A special sweet wine to celebrate the Easter time

Trentino’s Vino Santo is the product of years of careful craft, and its very own grape variety

It takes several years to make a good bottle of Vino Santo, and in Trentino only Nosiola is used, an indigenous white grape grown almost exclusively in the region. The result is a sweet, strong, amber-coloured wine which is one of our most distinctive Easter treats.

In Trentino, the Valle dei Laghi is the natural home of Vino Santo. The Nosiola vines thrive in its distinctive climate of hot days and cool nights, while the warm Ora del Garda breezes that blow up from Lake Garda are perfect for drying out the grapes after harvest. This is an essential part of the production process, and it lasts for five or six months – concentrating the sweetness of the juices and allowing a noble rot to take hold.

The grapes are then pressed during Holy Week, before being aged in oak barrels. The result is an exceptional wine – sweet, dark and complex, with intense flavours of dried fruit and jam. If you’re in Trentino over Easter, make sure you try it!

Published on 18/10/2021