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Unbeatable winter activities on snow and ice

The most extreme and extraordinary adventures, just like in an action movie

WINTER 2021/2022 – Snow-covered mountains, dense forests of fir trees, waterfalls that have frozen over: nature looks just like the set of a film, perhaps one of those action flicks with an unstoppable hero who can rises to any challenge and overcome any obstacle. And what if we told you that the star of this film was... you?

Trentino in winter is the perfect backdrop for you to live out your own epic adventure, framed by the stunning scenography of the Dolomites. Take to the skies with a paraglider, go climbing on the ice, experience thrilling descents along pristine slopes… these are just some of the real-life stunts you can try out with us this winter.

Are you ready to accept your mission?

Well then... Lights, camera, action!


Freeride skiing… a ride to freedom

Standing in the wilderness, contemplating the silence of the mountains, waiting to hit the slope. Finally, you take a deep breath and you’re off! Navigating your own way down a pristine slope of powdery snow is something that truly sums up the essence of freeride skiing. In the Val di Sole, in the Pontedilegno-Tonale ski area, the “Sgualdrina” is the epitome of off-piste trails.

Flying over the Fassa Dolomites

Flying over the Fassa Dolomites

Everyone has dreamed or fantasized about flying at some stage. From the top of Col Rodella (Campitello di Fassa) you can launch yourself into the sky in a tandem paraglider with a nationally qualified instructor and look down on the world from above. If you are brave enough to try it, you will be rewarded with heavenly sights as you float through the air like an eagle and experience the Dolomites from a whole new point of view.


Fat biking in Paganella  

If you cannot get enough of cycling and want to explore the local area even when there is snow on the ground, we have got just the thing for you! Fat Bikes have special extra-large tyres and they are specially designed so that you can ride safely along snow-covered trails in the woods. Check out the wide range of routes in Paganella and if you want a helping hand, choose an E-Fat: an electric fat bike with a pedal-assist system.


Icefalls to conquer

When you gaze upon a frozen waterfall your heart may skip a beat, but once you start climbing, it will definitely start racing! If you’re an ice climbing enthusiast, grab your ice axes, crampons and ice pitons and head to the Valle di Daone. In this “little Canada” you’ll find over 140 icefalls and frozen waterfalls that cater for all levels of difficulty.


Dog Sledding in Campiglio

Have you ever read “White Fang”? You do not need to go all of the way to the Klondike to race along on a sled pulled by huskies. This winter, experience a spellbinding atmosphere reminiscent of Jack London’s novel in the snowy woods of Madonna di Campiglio and PInzolo.


Ice diving in a lake

As part of a breathtaking event, at night stunning lighting equipment is set up on the frozen surface of Lake Serraia, presenting a unique opportunity for experienced divers and amazing sights for spectators! Participants take part in two days of training with instructors from the Trento-based Braido Sub group, during which they learn how to free dive and scuba dive under the ice.

Published on 19/10/2021