Between ice and snow: the cream of the winter crop

Let yourself be inspired: here are the 7 most curious and extreme activities that you absolutely have to try!

Skiing deep into the night, accompanied only by the stars above and the crisp winter air: in Trentino you can. Not enough?

Then why don’t you try the thrill of ice-climbing or a skiing descent down untouched slopes, immersed in the wilderness and in the company of a Mountain Guide. Of course, you can always try paragliding or ice-diving into the abysses of a frozen lake. Fear will no longer be your limit.

Here are the 7 most thrilling activities for an adventurous winter holiday!

Ice climbing

In winter waterfalls turn into walls of ice, a spectacle to be admired and also climbed. To ascend these “crystal walls” requires specific equipment and excellent technical climbing ability. The local alpine guides offer introductory courses to those wanting to learn the fundamentals of this sport in complete safety.



Spread your wings above Molveno Lake in the presence of the mighty Brenta Dolomites, with paragliding you touch the sky. In winter take-off from Cima Paganella landing safely on the shores of Molveno Lake.


Ice diving in a frozen lake

Take a dive into the mountain abyss… just the thought of it could make you shiver with fear, but if you’re brave enough, then this activity is something you can handle and enjoy. Pull on your wetsuit, flippers and scuba gear and drop yourself into the darkness under the ice of the lake of Lavarone. An incredible experience but only available for qualified divers.

Cani-inverno-Val-di-Sole-photo-Dario-Andreis | © Cani-inverno-Val-di-Sole-photo-Dario-Andreis

Avalanche rescue drills

On the magnificent stage of Rolle Pass and thanks to the experts of the Mountain Rescue Service and the Guardia di Finanza police unit, and their four-legged companions, you can participate in a range of avalanche rescue drills and manoeuvres. The canine unit is a guarantee in the case of emergency: these dogs are trained specifically to sniff out, and dig out, those buried under avalanches or in similar disasters.



Moving from an icefall to a rock face, and back again, as you climb: this is dry tooling. In the Val di Daone this exciting discipline (reserved for experts), which combines the techniques of ice-climbing and sport climbing, finds a perfect context with its vertical rock walls dispersed with icefalls.



Immersed in wilderness, surrounded by silence, you feel free. Loose your inhibitions, let your skis glide on the perfect white mantle, be conscious of your actions and surroundings:  this is the essence of freeriding. Fresh snow trails and itineraries can be found in Val di Fassa.


Skiing under the stars

Wait for nightfall when the sky glitters with millions of stars. Buckle your boots and jump on your skis: this is the most exciting and magical time to ski, under the moonlight on perfectly powdered slopes.  In Trentino you can do this in many locations, discover where.