Top Cross-Country Skiing tracks

There is a revival of the classic technique by followers of Nordic skiing, but the skate stride is most practiced among tourists and weekend skiers

Trentino is the heartland of cross-country skiing. Our valleys, especially Valle di Fiemme and Val di Fassa, are ideal settings for this sport. Many prominent sporting events took place right here in these valleys, 3 World Championships, multiple World Cups and the famous Tour de Ski with its spectacular closing race the Final Climb.

In Trentino cross-country skiing is an integrated part of SuperNordicSkipass which lets you ski across 17 different cross-country centres on one card, all offering groomed tracks for both the classic and skate techniques, quality facilities such as changing rooms, ski schools, restaurants and ski tuning service. The participating centres offer cutting-edge equipment for programmed snow-making and guarantee a high standard of daily maintenance to the slopes.

These are the top trails you must try for their uniqueness and beauty of their tracks!

Val di Fiemme, Pista Marcialonga Est, Ovest & Alta Val di Fiemme

When cross-country skiers first set foot in this valley, they should bend down on one knee in reverence for this temple of Nordic skiing. The World Championships took place right here in 1991, 2003 & 2013, as does the annual Marcialonga race. On the very hallowed tracks of the latter, the Marcialonga East, West and the Alta Fiemme slopes are all open to the public for the full winter season, running along the entire length of the Valle di Fiemme for a combined track of nearly 22km.


Viote Monte Bondone, Pista Gervasi

In the mountains above Trento, a few kilometres from the city to the heart of Viote nature reserve, we recommend you try the Gervasi piste, with 8 Km of winding undulating tracks, through fields and forests of beech, pine and birch trees. The stunning scenery along this track begins with the skyline of the Brenta Dolomites in front of you, then takes you under the 3 Bondone peaks and half-way along you can marvel at the entire Trentino Occidentale and spot, there in the background, the Lagorai range and Pale di San Martino.


Madonna di Campiglio Campo Carlo Magno, Pista Mondifrà

As you ski the Mondifra’ piste you dive deep into the Adamello Brenta National Park along a 10km route. The striking Brenta Dolomites shadow you the whole way, so close you can almost touch them, especially as you head out of the woods onto the rolling pastures surrounding Malga Mondifra’.


Alpe Cimbra, Passo Coe, Pista Passo Coe

In Passo Coe the terrain constantly varies ascending and descending as you pass farmsteads, thick fir forests, vast pastures and boundaries marking the historic border between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy. As you pass a small lake you feel intimidated by the sight of missiles from the Cold War set in front of what was known back then as “Thunder Base”. The Passo Coe track winds for 15km captivating you throughout with its diverse gradients and changing landscape. An unforgettable itinerary, especially at dawn when the sun rises from the Veneto plains.


Alpe Cimbra, Lavarone-Millegrobbe, Pista Lavarone

Lavarone piste is a 12 km long trail on the Alpe Cimbra, for skiers of all levels. The view spans the highlands of Folgaria Lavarone & Luserna, to the Asiago highland: sweeping white fields interrupted only by the snow-topped roofs of the scattered farmsteads. On the trail you can meet numerous people on snowshoes walking along the dedicated tracks. With your day’s skiing over, don’t miss a culinary stop at Malga Millegrobbe: a warm welcome, delicious food and, for those wishing to relax their muscles, a modern wellness centre with sauna and massage just waiting for you.


Val di Fiemme, Passo Lavazè, Pista Malga Costa

Here the set-up and maintenance of the tracks is always impeccable and it is on these winding trails, around the Malga Costa, that every skier’s technical abilities are put to the test! Halfway along you can catch your breath at the farmstead and replenish before starting the journey back. The track passes repeatedly from sunny pastures to shady forests, among the majestic fir trees of the Val di Fiemme.