Are you visiting Trento for the first time?

Our suggestions to discover the city

The first thing that strikes you, when you visit Trento, is its ability to combine its Alpine soul with an all-Italian elegance, which is shown by the façades of the historical buildings of the centre, decorated with marvellous Renaissance frescoes.

When you arrive, the first place to visit is Piazza Duomo, the heart of the city. As soon as you are there, stop beneath the fountain of Neptune, and take a look around: on one side the mountains, with the small Sardagna waterfall, on the other towers and castellated palaces, which whisk you back to the times of the famous Council of Trent in the blink of an eye. This is the best way to introduce you, in one sweeping gaze, to the two souls of the city.

In a single glance, you have just grasped the two souls of this historic city.

Now, you just have to explore it. Here you can find some recommendations about 10 must-see destinations!

The historical district

The historical district

The first stop in Trento is Piazza Duomo, the starting point for exploring the historic district with nose up to admire the frescoes that adorn its Renaissance buildings. The locals call the tour of the centre “el giro al Sass”... below, you will find out why.


Visit the Muse

An innovative design by starchitect Renzo Piano, a tropical waterfall indoors, and many exciting and innovative workshops, to tell young and old the story of science. This is the Muse, one of the most important museums of natural science in Europe!

30036-castello-del-buonconsiglio-carlo-baroni | © 30036-castello-del-buonconsiglio-carlo-baroni

Visit Castello del Buonconsiglio

A perfectly preserved fortress, in the heart of the historical centre. At one time it was home to the prince bishops, the lords of the city, and today it houses museums and temporary exhibitions. A tour of the frescoes in Torre dell’Aquila is worth the price of the ticket all on its own!


Cathedral and Diocesan Museum

Another not-to-miss stop is the Trento Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Vigilio. It was under its aisles that the decrees of the historic Council of Trent were promulgated in 1563. To further explore the history of the Council of Trent, don’t forget to visit the nearby Diocesan Museum, housed in the halls of Palazzo Pretorio.


The Galleries

Two exhibition spaces carved out of two decommissioned road tunnels, which host photographic exhibitions, multimedia installations and cultural events: The Galleries are located in the historic Piedicastello district, a fifteen-minute walk from Piazza Duomo, crossing the bridge over the Adige river.


Doss Trento and Museo degli Alpini

Excellent! Since you are already in the Piedicastello district, we invite you to take a nice walk in nature, on Doss Trento, one of the three hills on which the city stands. The final destination is the majestic Cesare Battisti Mausoleum. Along the way, don’t forget to visit the Museo Nazionale Storico degli Alpini (National Historical Museum of the Alpine Troops)!


An aperitif downtown

From 6:00 to 8:00 pm, we stop to enjoy a glass of Trentodoc with friends. All you have to do is to choose the place: the elegance of Piazza Duomo or the open-air bars among the palaces and squares of the historic district.


Discover nature

Do you feel like a bit of adventure? All you need to do is take the bus from the terminal, and in a quarter of an hour you can reach the Orrido di Ponte Alto, an amazing canyon carved in the rock by the Fersina stream. P.S.: Remember to wear comfortable shoes.


Excursion to Sorasas

If you prefer to spend a few hours immersed in nature, we recommend this excursion in the woods surrounding the city. We start from Cadine, a Trento hamlet, and walk for about two and a half hours on meadows, what is left of WWI military structures and a magnificent view over the Adige Valley.


On the Piné lakes

If you are in Trento and feel like getting your legs going, just under 25 km from Trento you will find the Piné Plateau. Lakes, woods and trails offering pleasant walks, strolls, and bike rides.

Published on 18/01/2024