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Lake Garda in the winter: the fjord of Trentino 

Ideas for winter holidays by the lake

If you have never experienced the revitalizing qualities of Lake Garda in the winter, there has never been a better time to treat yourself to a holiday with something to suit everyone’s tastes and interests. How would you like to walk through spectacular natural surroundings in a place like nowhere else on Earth or dive into placid depths in search of the mysteries hidden beneath the water? Do you fancy exploring the cultural scene or sampling the local culinary delights? Or perhaps you would like to relive your younger days by writing a letter to Santa Claus with your children or buying presents for your loved ones from local artisans?

They are all outstanding reasons to visit Lake Garda’s Trentino shore in the winter!


Santa’s Grotto

A trip to Santa’s Grotto in Riva del Garda is an absolute must for young and old alike! A host of helpers welcome visitors and take them on a tour of the workshops where the elves make presents, revealing all of their secrets. You will find Santa Claus himself sitting in a chair, ready to take a photo with you! After all the excitement, you can revitalize your body and spirits before you leave by sampling some of the delicious treats on offer in the courtyard!


Lake Garda’s countless colours

Visitors to Lake Garda’s Trentino shore in the winter can enjoy magical walks under bright blue skies whose endless beauty feels close enough to touch. Explore the wide range of paths in the clear, crisp air. There is something to suit all tastes, from simple strolls on level ground to hikes around the surrounding peaks lasting several days. Wherever you go, you will be astounded by the rich colours of the thriving natural environment by the lake at this time of year.


Scuba diving

Enjoy every inch of Lake Garda’s beauty on the Trentino shore, from the highest peaks to the most mysterious depths of the water. The Gruppo Sommozzatori di Riva del Garda (diving group) has a wide range of diving trip options for people of various standards, so you can explore the underwater world of the lake in complete safety.


Food for thought

Inside the mighty fortifications of the Rocca you will find the fascinating local museum. It is home to a collection of pieces dating from prehistory to the modern age and a selection of depictions of the local area stretching from 19th century paintings by landscape artists to works by the contemporary photographers who have followed in their footsteps. There are also some interesting historical facts about Riva and the surrounding area, including details of the battles between Venice and Milan to establish who would rule the area, and information about the golden era when the northern shore of Lake Garda became a tourist destination for such illustrious figures as Thomas Mann and Franz Kafka.


Garda Thermae

Sometimes on holiday you simply want some wonderfully relaxing, revitalizing time for yourself. On the Trentino shore of Lake Garda you can get back into shape or unwind thanks to the range of packages at Garda Thermae, which are specially designed to instil fresh balance in the body and the mind. Start with a sauna in the spa centre or dive straight into the pool and take it easy in the warm water outside as you admire the view.


Take home the best of Italy

No holiday is complete without a spot of shopping. We recommend the multi-award winning Garda Trentino olive oil and the many local slow food products, which are perfect for refreshing your memories of the culinary delights from your holiday once you get home. If you are fond of genuine Italian craftsmanship, wander around the narrow streets of the old town centre and pick up some handmade pieces from the picturesque artisan workshops.

Published on 14/09/2020